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Conservation at Cardiff

What happens to artefacts after they are excavated? Some, such as pot sherds and animal bone, are washed and catalogued straight away. Other objects (particularly those made of metal, wood, textile or animal skins) are too delicate to be handled immediately and need careful conservation before they can be studied. At Cosmeston this work is undertaken by staff and students in the conservation laboratories at Cardiff University. If you have ever wondered what kind of work occurs in these labs (or what a course in conservation is like) then a new video produced by Arianna Carini and Marisa Kalvins (current conservation students) will introduce you to the department, people and equipment:

We hope to bring you an account on the conservation of the Cosmeston archive soon, so if you enjoyed this video keep your eyes peeled!

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About Matt Nicholas

Hello, my name is Matt Nicholas and I'm an archaeologist. I am currently a Cardiff University PhD student studying early medieval non-ferrous metals, Exploring the Past archaeology tutor in the Cardiff University Centre for Lifelong Learning and co-director of the SARS excavation on the medieval fortress at Kurgus (Naḥr an Nīl state, Sudan). All posts, comments etc. represent my own personal musings, and are not representative of any past or current professional affiliations.



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A working shot of the 1980s excavation in the lower area of Cosmeston

Trench Section

The Finest vintage

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